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Starkville Gun Club - Mississippi State University Shooting Sports Club

The purpose of the Mississippi State University Shooting Sports Club (MSUSSC) is to provide a venue for participation in shooting sports to any/all students/faculty at Mississippi State University. Members are provided opportunities to acquire skills that can be employed in recreational/leisure and/or competitive activities.

MSUSSC has two tiers of membership will be offered to students at Mississippi State University. Club level membership is designed for students who want to participate in the shooting sports at a "casual" level. These members typically have little or no interest in competing at registered shooting events. Team level membership is designed for students who desirer an "enhanced" level of participation. Team level membership requires membership to appropriate national and state level shooting organization and a commitment to compete at registered events. Membership level is never based upon a student shooters ability, but instead, is solely based upon the students desire or level of interest in competition.

Members are encouraged to participate in sanctioned American Trap Association, National Skeet Shooting Association, and National Sporting Clays Association, pistol and rifle events at the Starkville Gun Club and across the region.

Member Responsibilities:

Follow all national, state, and Mississippi State University laws and rules related to Firearms

Maintain good standing by paying dues to the Mississippi State University Shooting Sports Club

Abide by the Range/Facility and SGC Shooting Club rules

Provide one's own firearm and ammunition

Pay range fees and or target fees and ammunition before shooting

Prepare, store and clean equipment and facility

Conduct oneself in a safe/appropriate manner at all times

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