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Starkville Gun Club - Shotgun - MSUSSC - Pistol

The MSUSSC Pistol discipline is headed up by William Orr, Andrew Leclair, and Taylor Murphy

A good explanation of USPSA Shooting can be found in this VIDEO and the official rules can be found HERE @ USPSA RULES

Those interested, should contact Will Orr ( ByEmail ) or Mike Brown ( ByEmail ) and they will be placed on the mail list.

Pistol matches are not limited to MSU students and fees are typically $5.00. Matches are planned to be held every other Sunday at 2:00 PM but not strictly every other Sunday though, because of travel to other matches around the state. An email should be sent out on Tuesday before each match.

Open Matches consist of 4 stages and last 2-3 hours, depending on participation, typically 15-20 shooters. You're welcome to come shoot with us any time.

Those interested in shooting a match need to have a pistol, holster, at least 2 magazines, ear protection, eye protection, and about 75 rounds of ammunition.

Handgun Match Results

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